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It’s Been 60 Days…..

Some ways it feels like it’s been so much longer, and some ways not.  60 days ago, I formulated the plan for incorporating what I have self termed: “Vegaleo” which was a few years of trial and error of being Vegan, being Paleo, and…

Introduction to Vegaleo

You’re Not 20, So Why Are You Trying To Live Like It?

I still get amused hearing and seeing people in my age bracket(mid 40’s), reading up on how some kid (half our age is a kid to us!) got all jacked, or all ripped, or just had a major transformation, and now this will become…

Professor Vegaleo: Lesson 1 of 6

Understand all there is to living the life of a Vegalean.  Professor Vegaleo (Ugh, shouldn’t speak in 3rd person) dishes it out.

I Don’t Want To Hear “It’s Too Expensive To Eat Healthy”

No question, as soon as someone begins to discuss eating a healthier diet, this is their first objection. True, healthy foods are more expensive than processed foods, however, it is the quality of food that is important, not the quantity. Trust me, if you…

New Beginnings Often Disguised as Painful Endings

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Becoming “Vegalean” 21 Days Later

Haven’t written an update in a bit, really trying to get the website in place to help others like me, middle age, maybe a parent, a spouse, who struggles with the balance of life and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.  It’s not easy, and…