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No “Guaranteed Results!”

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”- Carl Jung

About to turn 46, I would believe at this point that I have learned quite a few things about life and human nature, all which I am grateful for and able to apply to my life on a daily basis.  One of the reasons I was motivated to sit down and write “Reinvented: A Survivors Guide” was that I remember feeling just few years back, when I had achieved probably the best level of health and fitness in my life, how I would have bet I found the answer!  Each day, was just a pillar in my belief system strengthening my foundation towards a healthy and active lifestyle.  I thought there was absolutely no way, having learned what I learned, applied what I was applying, that I would ever result back to being out of shape and over weight again.  Several years later, I can remember just thinking, “what the hell happened?”


Writing the book was a therapeutic journey for me to reflect back on the changes I had made in my life, and how creating these small successes in my life, and being grateful for all that my life had to offer me, helped develop my mindset to shed well over 30 pounds, and feel better about my physical and mental state than before.  The hard part, was then having to dig into those memories and occurrences in my life that began to subtlety tear apart the fabric that had been woven in my life.  Small stresses that I allowed to dominate my thoughts, and cultivated those beliefs until it grew into constant anxiety.  Anxiety that soon had taken over my subconscious mind and the only way to alleviate moments was through alcohol.   In combination with the reduced anxiety and stress, also reduced my ability to control my will.  I found that during the day, I would eat healthy and stay motivated, until the mental laxative of alcohol soon let everything come out.   I would be quick to anger, quick to explain everything that was wrong with society, and quick to eat whatever the frick I wanted.  Slowly, that weight of 190lbs was over 200, then 210, then 220 and ultimately 230lbs of depressed and frustrated man.

I needed this though.  Just last evening, sitting with my family for dinner, and my youngest son said to me, “dad, I like when you’re sober.”  I wanted to first get up and dismiss myself, not from anger at my children, but from complete embarrassment.  This was their father?  I had let it get that bad?  But hearing that, was just more confirmation of why I am doing this.  For them.  I know it will not be easy, and it will be a daily struggle, but I will replay his statement to me every second I can think of it.  Which is what I explain in my book, and why I titled this post “No Guarantees” because in order achieve anything worth while in life, requires constant, consistent effort.   Chances are, if something comes quickly, it will be gone just as quick.  Reinvention, so to speak, occurs on a daily basis.  We all wish we could hit that “reset” button and start over, but unfortunately, every day we face the world, we are going to be hit as hard as we are willing to push.  This is why now when I see weight loss claims about “losing it and keeping it off” I am just like, “no, no, that is not how it works, sorry.”  This reinvention has to occur everyday, and everyday you choose to pursue that goal, you must gather the strength to tackle that task.  The greater the reward, the greater the resistance.  I knew I had to change, and I knew the strength was building inside me, and I so badly wanted it to happen immediately, however, I wasn’t ready.  The world still hadn’t prepared me to reinvent myself into the person I knew I should be.  I still had to go through some more bumps and bruises.

I can still remember though, the day I woke up and said, “today is the day” and from that moment, I was like a fist of fury, obsessed with my outcome and the 21 Shred was how I was going to prove to myself that I still have the mental fortitude to pursue and persist.  As I write this, completing 2 days of workouts, and 19 more to go, I am sore as you know what, but my passion is just growing stronger every second to prove to myself that I am one of the most persistent and mentally strong people I know.  I have never accepted defeat easily, and I will look for every opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.

So my wish, during this journey, is to hopefully inspire, at the least, provide someone the encouragement that failure does not exist until accepted as such.  I think Bruce Lee said that, but if there is something you want, you are going to have to go through walls, but if in your mind, you have already decided it has been accomplished, it now just a matter of time and consistent effort, and the Universe will decide when you are ready to receive.   I would highly recommend that you download my 5 Steps To Manifestation on the sidebar if you are at a point in your life that you know you want and deserve more, but are not too sure how to get there.  I put myself through this exercise, and this process is what connected my thoughts to the Universe and taught me how to listen.  Once you listen, the Universe will align you with the people and the opportunities that will guide you to your desired outcome.  THIS, I guarantee!!

I wish you health, happiness, and success in your days!

Fitness Over 40

The Recharge I Needed!

Last week, I was fortunate to arrive home safely from our trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the Keewenaw, which is right on Lake Superior.  I have never discovered as much beauty in this world, until I visited here.  There is no question, my soul values time to be in peace and feel connected to the world around me.  Shuffling around on a crowded beach with thousands of people around me is no idea for me of a relaxing vacation.  Being able to take my coffee, sit quietly with my feet in the slightly cold waters of Lake Superior, surrounded by forests, wildlife, bald eagles, and just the calmness of the waters so gently washing up against the sand.  It is amazing out rejuvenated I feel after several days of this luxury.

During this time, it allowed me to focus in on “who is the person I want to be?”  It became ever so clear, when defining my passions in life, outside of family, more in line with my purpose, these are:

  1. health and fitness- regardless of my personal struggles in this area, it is still what drives me each and every day.
  2. Helping people- I never thought I was a true people person, since my personality is more of an introvert, however, that sensitivity is what allows me to see perspectives from other peoples eyes.  In my opinion, I don’t believe there is a better quality that could exist than the goal of always seeking to understand before seeking to be understood.
  3. Being an Entrepreneur- My mind never shuts down, it is probably just another situation that creates anxiety and the purpose behind my “”  I have taken up meditation, which has helped, but as soon as my feet hit the ground, my mind starts going a mile a minute.

All this, tied up neatly in a bow, lead to my  I realized that if I can put myself out there as someone who can help people, I first need to learn to master myself.  This is my journey, this is my passion, this is my purpose!

Health and Happiness!

Fitness Over 40, Manifestation

Your Dreams Are A Thought Away

How true this really is, and if more people not only understood this, but accepted and embraced it, would begin living the life that they enjoy and are excited to wake up to.  Unfortunately, people say they have dreams and goals, but most of the thoughts that enter their head on a daily basis are like this:

  • “I have to get up too early.”
  • “I am always tired.”
  • “I have too much to do.”
  • “My job sucks.”
  • “Why do I have so many bills to pay.”
  • “I never do anything fun.”
  • “Why am I so overweight?”
  • “Why is my spouse/partner such an A-hole sometimes?”
  • “My kids always drive me crazy.”

This is just a few, I am sure if I asked, you could probably add quite a few more to this list, correct?  This brings me to my point, we all say we have goals of a nicer home, or our own home, nicer car, a better job, nice vacations every year, etc, etc., but we spend most of our days thinking about all the things that we don’t want!AE1

I will be the first to admit, when the world decided to bring a child with special needs into our lives, it threw me for a loop, way beyond anything I ever imagined.  I never once thought growing up that when I had a family of my own, I would be the father of a child with special needs, and I would have to learn to adapt and still be an awesome father, provider, and role model.  This experience, however as stressful it has been, has lead me down a path of consciousness and awareness of the world around me, one that I never knew existed.  When you learn your going to be a father of a special needs child, you do A LOT of asking the question, WHY?  And even though this seems to imply a negative connotation, it actually was the door opener to a much larger vision of the world and how our lives are impacted by our thoughts.  There is nothing wrong with asking the question “why?” but learning to ask it in a manner that creates more understanding.  If you are asking why you are in debt, or why your job sucks, than the answer you will receive is all the reasons why you are in debt, and why your job sucks.  My “why’s” were more in relation to our existence, our being here as humans on this earth.  This curiosity took me away from the obvious question of “why does my son have special needs?” to “why do some people just seem to have good fortune and others seem to be destined for a hard life?”  Well my friends, that curiosity lead me to the studying and practicing Law of Attraction.  For over a year now, this has truly developed a new understanding of our world and Universe, and has freed me from the mindset that our destiny is in the hands of other forces.  Your reality is truly a thought away.

So why do some people just seem to have bad luck and some people just fall into fortune wherever you go?  This is your first lesson in understanding the Law of Attraction (LOA).socrates  You become and attract, that, what consumes your mind.  If you are always focused on the negatives in your life; the Universe does not care, it only has one purpose and that is to align your outcome to the thoughts that control your mind.  Just to give you a taste, I know of someone quite well that is constantly telling me about their vehicle situations where they keep having these stories of rude and aggressive drivers, even though, this person does not feel like they are doing anything wrong.  Maybe not, but when this person drives, if all their thinking is about how there are crazy and aggressive drivers, the Universe is going to align the events to put those drivers near this person.  If you are not familiar with LOA, I am sure right now you are thinking I need to check into a head doctor as soon as possible, and a few years ago, I would probably agree with you.  Now, if you are in this doubting mindset, I want you to test my theory, but you have to test it truly in the manner I am asking you to do so.  From now on, at all times during the day, whenever you think about it, I want you to say to yourself, (outloud if you by yourself) “I always find loose change.”  gbsSay it to yourself at least 50 times a day, and I guarantee you within a week, you will begin to find loose change everywhere you go.

Once you have a little foundation, at least an acceptance or curiosity about this amazing power, I want to help you take everything you have ever wanted in your life, and begin to attract it into your reality.  My 5 Steps to Manifestation is a step-by-step that takes you through the process of attracting the life you desire by doing the following:

  • Deconditioning your mind from the negative thought patterns

  • How to fine tune EXACTLY what you want your life to be like

  • How to take a big picture vision, and create it into a laser-like focus

  • How to solidify your new thoughts into rock solid beliefs

  • How to create lasting change and stay on the path towards your abundant life

5-Steps ToOnce you complete my 25 page book, and the activities that I have you complete after each step in the manifestation process, I have no hesitation in saying that you will begin to attract the life you have been dreaming about, but unfortunately, not enough.  Now, you will!  I am so confident, that if you feel that you are not on the path towards manifestation, I will personally have communication to redirect you and make sure that you are engaging in the activities to produce change.

So, let me ask you:

  • Are you tired of not having enough money?
  • Are you tired of not having the right person in your life?
  • Are you tired of having too much month at the end of the money?
  • Are you tired of being overweight?
  • Are you tired of being tired?

To get you started in the right direction, I have included the image you can download from which is a check to the universe.  Do what I did, open it in your paint program and write yourself a check and the date you wish to cash it.  Now, the key is to of course be realistic enough that you can actually imagine cashing this check.  Print it out, and carry it around with you!  Have fun, it is the first step towards wealth and abundance!  You can download it here for free! Add to Cartthe-magic-check-en

Then it’s time to attract all that is deep down inside of you, but you have been conditioned to think you were not deserving of it.  And truly, this is the reason why some are just going down a path of misery, they feel they don’t deserve happiness.  It’s time to change, and 5 Steps Toward Manifestation will help you do that.  Download for $2.995-Steps To

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