I Swallow My Pride For My Son

Over the weekend, a lot came at me at once, discussions of having to send our oldest to college next year and in addition, having to go to court to gain legal custody of our middle son, who will be 18, and will require to live with us for the remainder of our days(unless a true miracle).  It was a tough weekend, non-the-less.  Maybe it is balancing itself out, losing one and gaining one (trying to stay humorous).  Those thoughts just seemed to amplify the feelings I have had in the back of mind for many years, of how we … Continue reading I Swallow My Pride For My Son

Boot Camp Registration is Open!

So excited to kick off the 21 Reinvent Boot Camp on October 1st.  Been working hard to put everything in place to offer all the essentials to ensure a person is successful: Tactical Guide for each of the 21 days Weekly live Webinars to discuss important topics and answer questions Weekly 1-on-1 via web chat to help overcome obstacles that are being faced. Daily food plan to help detox, burn fat, and create an immune system monster. 21 Reinvent graduates earn the Onyx Stone Bracelet and a Vegaleo shirt! Continue reading Boot Camp Registration is Open!