I Swallow My Pride For My Son

Over the weekend, a lot came at me at once, discussions of having to send our oldest to college next year and in addition, having to go to court to gain legal custody of our middle son, who will be 18, and will require to live with us for the remainder of our days(unless a true miracle).  It was a tough weekend, non-the-less.  Maybe it is balancing itself out, losing one and gaining one (trying to stay humorous).  Those thoughts just seemed to amplify the feelings I have had in the back of mind for many years, of how we … Continue reading I Swallow My Pride For My Son

Your Dreams Are A Thought Away

How true this really is, and if more people not only understood this, but accepted and embraced it, would begin living the life that they enjoy and are excited to wake up to.  Unfortunately, people say they have dreams and goals, but most of the thoughts that enter their head on a daily basis are like this: “I have to get up too early.” “I am always tired.” “I have too much to do.” “My job sucks.” “Why do I have so many bills to pay.” “I never do anything fun.” “Why am I so overweight?” “Why is my spouse/partner … Continue reading Your Dreams Are A Thought Away