Professor Vegaleo

3 Daily Commitments In Order of Importance

  1. I will respect myself and my body

  2. I will respect others

  3. I will expect respect in return

Why this exercise is so important, is that far too often, when we don’t have a clear vision for what we truly want out of life, we begin to lose respect for ourselves.  When this happens, we begin to treat our thoughts and our body much more poorly.  We make poorer food choices, we slack on exercising and taking care of our body, and we begin this vicious spiral downward.  Ultimately, if we can’t respect ourselves, there is zero change we have respect for others, and in turn, expect others to respect us as well.

This story rings true to me.  Back in 2008, I left my career to become a more involved stay at home dad to our son with special needs, so my wife could run a non-profit that was started to help him and others like him.  I just lost my identity with this transition.  All I knew how to do was work and provide for my family of 3 boys, and now to be a stay at home dad, which I had no experience with, and to a child that was not able to communicate or show understanding from me verbally.  I began to slowly lose respect for myself, by drinking alcohol excessively, eating the wrong foods, and just not being happy with myself.  Taking our life situation to the edge of divorce, bankruptcy, and just complete family disaster.

Fast forward to now, the transition I had to make to regain the confidence and self worth, has been nothing short of miraculous!  It has been a long journey, taking small steps along the way, but without question, it has been a 2 steps forward and 1 step back.  Progress, yes, but very slow indeed.  Until now, 1 thing changed.  I would love to say that “if I only knew sooner” but this journey I had to take to get where I am now.  And you will have to take your journey, but my hopes are that maybe along the way, I can offer some insight as to what you can expect, how to avoid road blocks, and how to stay focused on your goal.

This site I have broken down the journey into 3 distinct phases that are required to trigger the inner beast to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals!



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·    Vegaleo will convert your body to utilize fat as your primary energy source rather than sugar.hiitbanner


  • HIIT has proven to be the most effective for boosting your metabolism

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  • Mindset training improves the immune system

  • Mindset training improves cellular function

  • Mindset training decrease cellular inflammation

  • Mindset training increase the brains grey matter

  • Mindset training improves mental focus and memory retention

  • Mindset training improves cognitive functioning and the ability to multitask

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