60 daysWelcome to Reinvented After 40, my name is Darren Stroh “Professor Vegaleo”, and just so you don’t think I am some schmo off the street, my information presented here is a result of a M.S. in Exercise Science from the University of CA of PA and licensed through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a college instructor for the last 6 years, and many years of personal research with trial and error.   Now, there is a great likely hood that you, like me, are at least close to, or over the age of 40?  How’s it going so far?  For me just turning 46, it was like someone came in the middle of the night and switched out all my shiny young parts, in exchange for old, worn down, hardly working parts.  Can you relate?  If so, you need to listen, since my life has been a day by day research project working to discover how to either maintain, or revert the body back to or at least close to, the way it was many years ago.  Turning the age of 40 does not have to be any different than turning 30, or even 20 for that matter (with subtle variations).

So how and why is Reinvented After 40 different?  Simply for the fact that our bodies have already been conditioned to have certain physiological responses to the way we eat, the way we move, and the way we think.  Let’s face it, the last 10 years of societal changes wouldn’t even compare to the prior 100 when looking at technological advances, societal changes, nutritional changes, and even our education system.  What it boils down to is that we have thrown our bodies into a complete state of shock, and our body’s are not prepared, nor conditioned for this.  By simply making a few tweaks, and reactivating specific physiological responses that are already imprinted into our DNA makeup, we can re-activate our response system to improve our health and immune system, increase our metabolism for reduced body fat, and simply channel our minds to a more productive, less stress mindset.

Several years ago, after the frustration of constant weight fluctuations and confusion in regards to the best nutrition plan for me, I formulated what today is known to be Vegaleo.  Many people will look at this and say, “oh, you took some of being Vegan, and some of being Paleo, and put them together!”  No, not even close.  I will say that each lifestyle has it’s benefits, but I think more importantly, why each one of these lifestyles is actually counterproductive to our overall health.  I am convinced, and more strongly each day, that introducing our bodies to Vegaleo is the most natural and wonderful way to live. I will teach you the following:

  • Why we are truly are not meant to be Vegan.
  • Why Paleo advocates are completely off the mark with their beliefs
  • Why 87% of the population are biologically prone to the adverse health effects of The American Diet
  • Why the Vegaleo diet is a small part of the lifestyle

I will tell you right now, it is not something that you just think “I’ll give it a try and see if it works.”  There is no “try” when it comes to dedicating your mental state on supplying your body with the foods from the land, and removing yourself from the vicious webVEGALEOLOGO that the food industry has spun and caught you in.  Vegaleo is my baby, it started very organically, and through trial and error, research, and a desire to understand as much about the human body, this became my end result.  There is no question in my mind, if you are middle age, Vegaleo can completely transform your physiological state if you are willing to follow all 3 phases required.  Here is what becoming Vegaleo will do:

  • Vegaleo will remove toxins and impurities from your system contributing to lower energy levels, suppressed immune system, and healthy cell production.
  • Vegaleo will improve your taste buds to allow you to enjoy natural foods created from this earth.
  • Vegaleo will increase your testosterone levels, male (up to 2000%) or female(up to 1200%)*, this is the hormone primarily contributing to your muscle tone and metabolism(rate you burn calories).
  • Vegaleo will promote the regeneration of new cells and decrease the damage to oxidative cells which contribute to aging.* 
  • Vegaleo will help you create a greater connection and appreciation to the food you consume, contributing to a healthier outlook and decreased likelihood of food related illnesses(cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc)
  • Vegaleo will convert your body to utilize fat as your primary energy source rather than sugar.


I would love to teach you and help you transition to a natural and healthy way of life, so becoming Vegalean is passionate to me.  If you choose this step, I will commit myself to making sure you are successful, but I require the same commitment from you!


mindset.jpg PHASE 1:  “What you think, you become.”  The only way for you to become the person you wish to become, is to first start thinking and “seeing” it in your minds eye.  Each day, for 7 days, 3 weeks, you will complete a 10 minute exercise that will help you align your focus towards your goals, to begin to create a friction-less path towards the achievement of your desire. 



PHASE 2: 21 Reinvent 3 Phase Workout

I will teach you about incorporating HIIT into your life.  This stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  Along the parameters of Vegaleo, it is the way the human body was designed to move.  I will teach you 3 phases that work in progression to allow even the earliest beginner, to more advanced, develop body control and strength, that will boost the metabolism, burn body fat, and start making you feel a whole lot better!



suppl PHASE 3:  I will teach you all about the wonders of eating Vegaleo.  I will walk you through the first 3-4 days more thoroughly since this is a detox phase, that you must rid the body of waste that has contributed to your lethargy and excess weight gain.  It is highly recommended that you invest in a high power extractor or blender (no juicer!) since many of your meals will be in liquid form. 




21 REINVENT PRACTICAL AND TACTICAL GUIDE bookcover-tacticalNo B.S. I have broken down your 3 phases into 3 weeks (hence, 21 days), which you will open each week that instructs you how to focus that weeks efforts on making each day, healthy, clean, and something your body and mind will be proud of.  You will have access to the Vegalean page on this site, where you will be able to access the eBook, webinars, and tips to ensure your success.



profvegaleoWEEKLY VEGALEAN LECTURES Each week a new lecture will be posted on the Vegalean page that will select one topic for the week:  For example, amino acid profile of non-animal food, or goal setting workshop, GMO versus organic foods, or even injury prevention and stretching exercises.  Each week, we will dive deeper into certain areas to help you get a better understanding of why and how the Vegaleo lifestyle is as basic to our DNA makeup as breathing and water.



ONGOING SUPPORT OF BEING VEGALEAN This is my baby, this concept and way of living has grown organically and I have created a passion for how beneficial this way of living can become.  I am confident once I can educate and help you create a pattern towards developing a habit, you will see and feel the drastic changes mecoveroccurring in you body, which you are completely unaware of at this moment.  All I want is to see you succeed and feel good about yourself.  I will be your coach, and by you remaining on the Vegalean team, you will have unlimited access to me via email or text in the event you have a specific question, comment, or maybe you are just having a difficult day or weak moment, and need some encouragement to get through.  I will stay committed to goal of making Vegaleo the best method for fighting all age and food related conditions.  I am confident this “cup of coffee” will have a dramatic impact on your life!




*Dr. Mercola: