bookcover-tacticalDarren Stroh, M.S. NASM-CES

For a man to turn 40 years old can be one of the great paradoxes of life. Reaching a point where wisdom and experience provide you an edge in the modern day “hunt”, however, your physical attributes have been put in reverse and the lowering levels of our primary hormone, testosterone, have resulted in increased levels of body fat, lower energy levels, lower sex drive, and a decreased motivation for that “hunt and kill.” Both men and women are affected by this dramatic decline in our primary muscle and fat burning hormone, testosterone.  Of course, men have higher levels, so typically, weight maintenance is much more difficult for women than men.

This gradual decline in my life resulted in all of that, and culminated into years of battling depression. My life has always revolved around health and fitness, and to be at a point where I felt so far removed, created more strife in my daily routine that the only way I felt I could cope with this was through the consumption of alcohol. For me, hitting an absolute low was the only way to begin to bring myself back up. Sometimes in life you just want to hit the “Reset” button. Reinvented After 40 was the culmination of my years of experience being an college educator in the Exercise Science field, backed with my personal desire to find the answer for health and wellness in all stages of my life.

Reinvented After 40 will be one of the most real no-holds-bar, books you’ve ever read. My goal is to tell it to you straight. There are a lot of great resources out there on ways to reach your ultimate state of psychical and mental conditioning, but what I found was that I lacked what these authors had, which was an abundance of time, or at least the convenience to dedicate a few hours a day on just their health and fitness routines. I unfortunately cannot relate to that and I needed help from someone who was like me; who worked 40-50 hours a week, most of those hours on opposite schedules from my wife so that one of us could be with our son who has special needs. I needed insight from someone who only has brief periods during the day to engage in some form of physical activity since family time and parental responsibilities is something that I don’t take for granted. I wanted to learn from someone who first has to make meals for his kids before he prepares his own healthier options. This is who I wrote the book for, for the busy dad out there struggling to balance their daily life but still feel they have more gas in the tank and want to regain some of that inner drive and warrior mentality. Reinvented after 40 teaches you how I went from overweight, depressed, and lethargic to being in the best shape of my life and having visible abs for the first time! Every day is a new battle, a battle against the food manufacturers who entice us to eat their unhealthy foods, against the social media giants who would rather us look at them instead of looking inside ourselves for clarity and understanding. The goal of this book is to be a partner to help you achieve the goals that are important to you.

Here are the highlights of the book:

Every day is a fight you must fight to reinvent yourself, there is no “permanent fix.”

•Turning 40 is not just a mental hurdle, but mostly a physical on

•How Vegaleo will help you appreciate food from a different perspective
•How you can become stronger and healthier without hours a day or access to the gym
•Why long bouts of cardio exercise is counter productive to the anti-aging process and weight control
•How to detox and make the perfect smoothies for a well balanced meal