21 Day Shred

Welcome!  Are you ready to make the next 21 days a life changing experience?  Commit yourself to the next 21 days and I can assure you it will be!  The next 21 days will test you mentally and physically and it is intense, yet, this go at your own pace, exercise routine will be sure to kick your metabolism into high gear and get your body into the best shape of your life.  Why 21?  Experts say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so let’s create a healthy one that will make us the most incredible version of ourselves.  Here are the details:

First:  Go to www.whatsyour21.com and click on “shred heads” to register for your account.  Once completed, within 1-2 hours you will receive a confirmation allowing you access to the daily videos, blogs, recipes, and private facebook group to begin tracking your success.  At any point, you have questions, go to the contact page on the site or email at reinventedover40@gmail.com


I wish you all the success!

  • 21 Days to Shred is 21 exercises performed in interval fashion, that are mostly body weight, with some light dumbbells included (Choose a weight that would allow you to press above your head 15 times without stopping, but you would feel it in the muscle.  Recommendation: 5 and 10lb for females, 15 and 20lb for males)
  • Each exercise will be completed for 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest period.
  • Members are allowed to rest as needed and complete as many as possible.
  • Exercises are subject to and will likely change to ensure overall balance and strength.
  • Members will need a timing device or follow along daily video.
  • In order to qualify for monthly prizes (gift cards and merchandise), contestants are required to post each day on our private facebook page each day for 21 consecutive days.
  • In order to qualify for monthly prizes, members must submit a post workout selfie after each completed session. The selfie does not have any requirements, you may post as comfortable as you are with it, however, please be considerate of other members.  Nothing too revealing.
  • To qualify for monthly prizes, members must have a facebook account in which they will be invited to join the Private Group: 21 Days To Shred.  Each day’s workout will be posted on whatsyour21.com


  • Members must agree to the rules of Social Media Conduct or will be eliminated from the contest if rules are not followed.

Requirements to Qualify:

  1. Complete workout, and post a date-stamped picture of yourself for 21 consecutive days.
  2. Members are allowed to “restart” at any time a day is missed.  Restarts require a Day 1 Pre-contest date stamped photo.
  3. Members must accept and join the private facebook page and follow all rules of conduct on social media.
  4. Members must have 21 consecutive days of activity to qualify for monthly prizes.
  5. Members must have 1-2 pair of light dumbbells.  Suggestion is 5lb/10lb for females and 15lb/20lb for males.

Goals of the 21 Day Shred:

  1. Spike the metabolism into high gear with 21 consecutive days of exercise.
  2. Develop phenomenal core and stability strength
  3. Develop a strong mental attitude
  4. Provide support and encouragement for all contestants

Nutritional Goals for the 21 Day Shred:

  1. No added sugar.  If the label says “sugar” do not consume!
  2. No breads
  3. No alcohol
  4. No processed meats, crackers, cookies, or anything artificial
  5. No dairy
  6. No concentrated fruit juices

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