My 3 Goals of Vegaleo…

When I began this focused journey of Vegaleo, it was a challenge and a commitment to myself to see if I could go from basically, as low as I have ever been, unfocused, overconsumption of alcohol, and just almost given up, to completely maximizing all of my internal DNA makeup to transform myself into the most physically and mentally strong person that I have ever been.


Now, I would never stand (or sit) here and claim my victory over all and pound my chest.  This was probably my last attempt to truly see what lies inside a human being, especially one that is in his mid-40’s, and feeling like life was the victor over this battle.  But what life forgot, was that I have 3 children, all who look up to me, and are counting on me to show them that we as humans, can achieve anything that we focus our attention to, and pursue with unwavering commitment and tenacity on a daily basis.  Well, I have learned a lot about myself, and have learned that I have been withholding so much of my gifted potential, and I am grateful to have this day to allow me to get up, fight for what I believe in, and continue my journey helping people understand the HUGE benefits of Vegaleo.

My top 3 goals of Vegaleo:

  1. Probably the most important to me on a “cause-based” level would be to teach11/25/17 people that as wonderful as science can potentially be, there is no pill, injection, or medicine that has the power of mother nature.  Once we learn to connect to the food system, it can strengthen us and heal us far more than any medicine out there.  Hippocrates was exactly correct, “let food be thy medicine..”
  2. Our bodies are pre-programmed to be lean, and have the ability to be stronger and faster, even in our 40’s, without the need of pharmaceutical enhancements.  We have the physiological capacity to dramatically increase natural testosterone production, which helps us burn body fat and increase lean muscle tissue.  The secret is creating the proper conditions.
  3. Our bodies do not require animal protein for more than a single meal of the day, in order to increase muscle tissue capacity.  Our bodies typically were designed to eat it once a day, and the proteins from plant sources provides us the proper amount of cell replenishing protein that we need, even for an active lifestyle.  I want to see the day that there is no  longer a need for slaughter houses and even if we choose to eat animal protein, we at least provide the animals a clean and peaceful growth process, which will also improve our health, since the animals will not release cortisol, the stress hormone.  We then in turn, ingest more of this stress ridden meat.

Trust me, I have plenty more I plan to accomplish with this, but these 3 things keep me focused on the day, keep me away from alcohol, and give me the strength each day to wake up at 4am and exercise.  Peace be with you!

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