Holiday “Must-Have’s” For That Reinvented Spouse, Partner or Friend!

I wanted to share the “must-have’s” for that Reinvented person focused on pushing themselves to achieve a higher level of health and fitness.  With the Holiday season fast approaching, I wanted to help take the guess work out of your shopping treasure hunts.  Any person in their middle years, will be happy to receive these!  Each image is a link to the product so you can purchase at the lowest price online!  I started with the least expensive first, for some stocking stuffer ideas!

I do not guarantee prices, prices are subject to change based on current promotions.

  1. Cap Push Up Bars $15.  Absolute must for all the variations of push ups, and using them allows for greater range of motion and reduced stress to the shoulder joint when used in proper shoulder alignment.

2.  Spri Roll Up Exercise Mat  $20.  Still need to do those planks and sit ups on the ground, so having a comfortable foam mat to ease the discomfort on your back or elbows sure helps you complete more reps or hold that plank longer! 3.  36″ Foam Roller $19.  When you are tight and have some knots or sore muscles, as a Corrective Exercise Specialists, foam rolling is a must!  Stretching does not break up the adhesions causing the knots or tightness, you have to apply pressure to those areas, and a foam roller is essential in any fitness program!

4.  Resistance band set $25.  Let’s face it, there are times that you just don’t have some dumbbells or free weights available to you, and having a set of varying resistance bands that allow you to attach to a door or anchor, provides you all the essential exercises to complete.  They are awesome to have if you travel or are going away to a place that doesn’t have any resistance training products.  The set below allows for easy adjustments and attaches to anything!

5.  Grid Foam Roller $40.  I love this little guy, by far my favorite of the foam rollers.  If you can spend a little extra, the difference is amazing!  Really gets in there and breaks up that fascia to alleviate muscle cramping and soreness.

6.  TRX Home Suspension Training System $120  .  I will not even go into details how awesome this piece of fitness equipment truly is.  When I am asked, “what is 1 piece of equipment that is a must have for your home gym?”  it is the TRX.  You can do so much with it, increase your intensity through the percentage of body weight you are using, and it’s portable!  If you don’t have one, get one!  Also recommend finding a place you can mount into the ceiling, much more effective! Use the ceiling mount kit for a secure placement, $40.

7.  Garmin Fenix 3 Heart Rate Watch $299.  If you follow me much, you know I am not a big advocate on constant long distance fitness, however, I feel we all need some good long walks/runs every once in a while to clear the mind, and also push the cardiovascular limits of our bodies.  The GPS watch is great way to track and monitor not only your distance, but your heart rate, calories, and elevation!  

8.  Lifecore Assault Air Bike $800.  This is on my wish list!  I love that you can set your HIIT programs right into the console very easily!  I set my 15 rounds of 30 second sprints followed by a minute recovery and I have the most intense upper and lower body workouts I know!  No fancy gadgetry, electronics or fluff, just steel, grit and sweat goes into this bike!

Concept II Model D Rower $950.  Here is the deal, if you are interested in getting in better shape, you need one of these in your home, period.  There are so many ways to use this, that you can get an awesome workout doing 8-10 different workouts on this one piece of sweat educing, heart pounding workout.  Still working on a sub 20 for 10k meters!

Multi-Position Pull Up Bar: $25.  A true must have since every person that wants to increase their upper body strength, has to do pull ups.  If you can’t do one, than you keep trying.  Keep trying until you can.  That is how the body and mind work.

Hopefully this list will get the person who is important in your life, well taken care of, to take care of themselves.  The gifts that keep on giving!  Happy Holidays to you all, I wish you the most health and happiness!  Bring on 2018, we will all attack our goals!

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