Life Is About A Daily Reinvention

Every day that you are grateful enough to wake up, you have to fight.  First, you better give thanks, and then it’s time to fight.   You have to fight for what you want, for what you believe, and all things that are important to you.  This may not have anything to do with fitness, but actually, it all is the same.  Which is why there are 3 Phases to this “Reinvention” I learned that if you focus all your energy on one particular thing and go at it balls to the wall, and you neglect an equally important facet of your life, eventually, it will all revert back since what you neglected, will soon overtake the progress that was made from your focus.  I fell into the exact same trap over the last several years.  I needed to make a career change, and begin to set our family up financially, and before I knew it, I had slowly allowed the habits of societal patterns to creep back into my life.   Starting snacking on some chips here, it’s ok.  Eat part of a highly processed sub and it’s leftovers for the next couple days, its ok.  Have that extra beer or extra glass of wine since it was a tough day, its ok.  We all have to fight.  There is no finish line until the day your soul is done with your body here on earth.  Every day you have to fight the demons.  The good news is that today is the first day of the rest of your life.  So every day you open your eyes (and damn it, you better be thankful each time you do), you need to have a small meeting with yourself before putting those feet on the ground.  This little meeting needs to consist of what you want from your day and how best you plan to attack it.

“Today I will reinvent myself to be the best version of myself I can be!”

This is why you need to reinvent yourself on a daily basis.  Yesterday is the past; there is absolutely nothing you can do to change what already happened.  Tomorrow is uncertain, you can plan, but it is not a guarantee, so TODAY is all you have, and more specifically, right now, is what is real.  Who do you want to be today?  What example do you want to leave this day with?  The most important key to this inner meeting is to NOT think about what happened yesterday or the past, you must learn to become focused on the now.  This may take some time, but I promise you, if you can start each day with 5 minutes of a mental one-on-one meeting with yourself, you will find yourself energized and excited to take on the day.  This, by far, is the most important thing you can do all day!

I will highly recommend, that if you haven’t read this book “Who Moved My Cheese?” than it is a must read.  It is a short book, so you can finish it over a weekend, but the lessons are invaluable.  The author Spencer Johnson uses the tail of 2 mice to describe how if we neglect to adapt and change, we will eventually have scarcity in life.  Must read!

Here is the audio book version:

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