Vegaleo: Energy Day; Repair Night

As I studied the basic human processes, and testing the outcomes on my own personal life, I discovered that the human consumes way too animal protein in the course of a day.  Without question, a person over the age of 35 that is not involved in high intensity exercising has absolutely no need to consume animal protein more than once a day.

Fruit and vegetable variety.

Our bodies were only designed to eat animal protein maybe once per day, and the rest of the day was gathering energy foods to keep energy levels up to complete all of our metabolic requirements.  Watching people consume animal protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner is figuratively and literally “overkill.”    Not to mention, people way underestimate the high protein ratios in non-animal products that can be just as effective for cellular repair.  I would always ask my students this example:  per ounce, which food has more protein:  broccoli or beef?  Of course they weren’t born yesterday and understand I am heading down the path of a trick question, but still most of the class would say beef has to have more protein.  False:  broccoli has more protein by weight.  Yes, the amino acid profile does not provide the human cellular repair we are needing but combining with a starch or a nut food, will give us all the required amino acids we need.  So my point is, even though the foods we should be eating during the day, which are NON-ANIMAL protein foods, still provide us cellular repair (muscle tissue too) that our bodies need to function properly.

superimmuneThe summary of Vegaleo is to mimic the physiological makeup of the human body, and begin to live our dietary lifestyle that is in alignment with how we were designed.  Luckily, we don’t have to go out and hunt or gather in modern man times, we can go to the store, but our food intake should resemble the hunting and gathering that 99% of human existence has lived by.

So next time you pull up to the drive through for that bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, maybe you should think that what you are about to put into your body is going feed all the cells in your body that want to take over and literally kill you.  How about packing some fruit and nuts next time, and I promise you, since you will not be elevating your blood sugar excessively, you will be surprised how long it goes before you are hungry again!

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