Vegaleo Oath Cards To Help Me Overcome My Weaknesses

I created these for myself, since I was having a hard time staying away from the candy bowl shortly after Halloween.  Seemed like they were multiplying, every time I would turn around, the bowl would be filled again.  It is truly scary how addictive sugar can be, and I have some emotional scars that sugar has filled the void growing up.

I put some powerful information on these cards, and created enough to put in places that I tend to be weak (candy bowl, refrigerator, car) which help remind me why Vegaleo is so important to me.  On the back, I put the 3 categories of food: Energy food that is eaten during the day, and nourishes our cells; Repair Food that is eaten later in the day to help repair our cells; and Disease food that I need to fight every ounce to avoid these foods.

One day I was at a meeting, I shared my card as I was having to pass over the pastries, and this person asked me afterwards if they could have one, and this lead to another person asking.  So I thought more people might like to have these cards around and on them for times they feel a bit weak and need some encouragement to stay focused on their health.  Order below or on the side bar, a 3 pack is $7 which includes the shipping.


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