The human body is pre-programmed with a “figh-or-flight” response. Becoming stronger in your 40’s must reflect this law

Haven’t completed an in-home HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout since beginning the 21 Reinvent back in August.  Looking forward to getting back into this style of workout, so anyone looking for an effective, 20 minute, kick butt workout, should look forward to the post tomorrow.  I will be completing at 4:30am, since that is my only time to get a workout at home in.  I have tried the 9pm workout thing, but my goodness, I am usually up until after 1am unable to fall asleep.  As much as it is difficult getting up at 330am, it is my only choice to exercise.  This is why I need to complete the HIIT since it is usually a quieter workout, and the noise of banging plates and bars is eliminated.

So by 9am, the video will be posted, able to view and complete at your own leisure.  Here is what you will need for tomorrows workout:

  1. light set of dumbbells.  I will be using 15lbs (maybe 20).
  2. approximately 8′ x 8′ open space
  3. yoga mat or exercise mat if not on soft carpet.

I will have the timer on the phone, so you can follow right along.  The exercises will be downloadable and you may want to watch first time to begin to get some of the form corrected.   As with any HIIT, each person goes at their own pace, instructions will be in the video, but always stop if feeling discomfort, pain, or faint.  If you can’t do the exercise, TRY with safety first.  If you can’t do it now, you will be able to in a couple weeks!

See you tomorrow!

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