If you want to get me worked up and enraged with feelings of anger, just mention the pharmaceutical industry and it’s balls-gripping hold that it has on society today.  I am still blown away that there are enough people in our society today that see that commercial that they run every minute of the day, describing non-life threatening conditions, and telling you to talk to a doctor who is going to also make money if you take this pill(or liquid, spray, etc).  All I can do is just shake my damn head (smdh, haha! I learned the millennial code!).  I do understand that there are medical conditions in this world that science and research have studied and have been able to determine how to fight or cure something, I get it!  But what I don’t get, is that if you are struggling with a condition that causes you moderate inconveniences or discomfort, I am here to tell you it has less to do with the malfunctioning of your internal programming, and more to do with your body sending you a warning signal that something is not right and you need to change it!  A pill is sick care, it is not health care.  It does absolutely NOTHING to improve your health!

Let’s break this down to a simple example.  Most of us have heard that when we get a fever, it is our body’s response to ward off the virus to help return our body to normal homeostasis.  Only under extreme conditions, is it good to take something to reduce our fever, since this is it’s defense mechanism.  So if we are dealing with other health situations, it is our body signaling to us that it is either fighting something or something is out of balance on the inside, and we need to find a way to correct it.  For my own example, the last several years I had struggled with severe psoriasis, to the point it would bleed and be very itchy.  I went to a doctor for a general check up, and she wanted to prescribe me a VERY expensive medicine, in which I declined under the principal, if I am going to fix this, I have to find out what is not right inside my body.  Amazing how when I went Vegaleo and stopped all alcohol consumption, it slowly began to heal itself.  Within a couple months, I would say that 80% of all my psoriasis patches are completely gone and the other 20% look a world of a lot better.

My passion and purpose is to spread wellness through the power of Mother Nature.  I will live by Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”  To me, true health care comes in beautiful shades of green, red, orange, purple and they grow from the ground.  I challenge you, if you are struggling with some health related concern, turn to the medicine of the land, start eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and see how much better you begin to feel!

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