without question, the 2 most powerful words in our daily language that completely manifests the future path you will follow.  How many times in our day do we speak to ourselves with the beginning phrase… I am(negative or positive).   Chances are, as self destructive as we can be with ourselves, it is usually a negative.  There is no reason to begin listing these, you know exactly what things we tend to call ourselves in the course of a day.  These adjectives typically follow an event that left us frustrated and discouraged about the outcome, but rarely do we find ourselves in a position after a positive outcome, we self affirm:

  • I am awesome!
  • I am confident!
  • I am capable of completing anything I put my mind too!
  • I am loving!
  • I am caring!
  • I am compassionate!
  • I am energetic!
  • I am grateful!
  • I am lucky!
  • I am sexy!
  • I am healthy!
  • I am achieving the goals that are important to me!
  • I am becoming the person I have wanted to become!
  • I am financially secure!
  • I am a loving “spouse”!
  • I am a great mother/father/brother/sister/friend!

Creating a habit of saying these to yourself on a daily basis will do wonders for training your subconscious mind to begin to instill this belief of the person you want to be, or wish to become.  Don’t even think that you need an event during the day to tell one or all of these to yourself, if you are in the car or have a moment of free time, rather than checking your social media, take some time to “LIKE” yourself!  Say some of these to yourself, but not just as words coming out of your mouth, as you say it, try to attach a feeling to it, or an event that confirms this thought.  When you can attach emotion to a thought or phrase, you will be surprised how this will be magnified in your life tenfold!

Try this:  One of the  best things I began doing about a month ago, was picking up a journal to carry with me each day to work or have around me when at home.  Any chance you can, rather than even just saying the above, write them down.  Take it even a step further, write down the emotional connection to that thought.  You are grateful?  Why are you grateful?  Write that down.  I promise you, the more you are grateful, awesome, lucky, etc, the more of that will be brought into your life!

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