After 46 Years, Still Learning About My Body…

I have definitely studied my body and my physiological responses quite intensely over the years, but I still have those, “ah-ha!” moments from time to time.  Case in point, I achieved the best results I have EVER experienced making the transition to Vegaleo, and from an exercise standpoint, I incorporated a lot of HIIT, which truly is the key to the fountain of youth for men and women in the 30’s and beyond.  I will reference this as I connected with my soul, and all was good.  I didn’t crave food, I felt so energetic, my outlook on life was far more positive(which means a lot!) and I have this general sense of being in-line or aligned with my body and soul.

Just last month, I guess my Ego started raising it’s hand, and wanted to get more involved in the game, so my desire to return to weight lifting soon engrossed my thoughts, and after getting quite lean, my attention and workout routine became centered on gaining muscle as fast as possible (of course, still under the Vegaleo principals).  Everything started off on the right foot, and as expected, the muscle repair required was going to warrant my body needing more fuel, so I slowly began to add plant based foods increasingly more throughout the day to accommodate.  This however, didn’t seem to quest by body’s need for “sugar” to replace the muscle glycogen, and what started as grabbing a granola or cliff bar here and there, turned into eating at earlier times of the day, craving greatly for sugary and salty foods, none that occurred during the initial phase of Vegaleo.

So as I sit and ponder my goals and how I feel about each event, as good as I would feel having these bigger muscles, my soul is my guide, and being one with my true path is why I am doing this.  HIITThis decision is what prompted the live video feeds I will be completing starting on Sunday the 5th on facebook live, which will be all HIIT with dumbbells, pull up bar and a timer.  So feel free to join in, there is no charge, all you need is the items listed above, and you can follow right along.  To complete my redirection, I just picked up my parsley, avocados and some flaxseed protein milk.  Time to “Reinvent After 40” …..again.

Peace and well wishes!

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