You think you have it in you?  Why not end 2017 on such a high note, both mentally and physically stronger, that 2018 will finally become that year that you knock it out of the park!  I am going to be testing my will of commitment during this as well, so we are in this together.  As you will see, there is no cost to sign up, here is all you have to do!

  1. Complete the contact form below to register
  2. “Like” our page on Facebook
  3. Use the “I am committed to 30 for 30” image above as your profile pic for the next 30 days.
  4. Make your initial post on the facebook page with your official start date
  5. Post daily with the results of your workout.
    1. selfie of post workout
    2. screen shot of workout tracking device
  6. Any form of exercise is acceptable(or mixture of the following):
    1. cycling, rowing, walking or jogging
    2. weight training
    3. Yoga
    4. high intensity interval training
    5. any exercise mode for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Complete for 30 consecutive days

At the end of 2017, we will close down the registration, and the community can vote on a male and female to see who best represented the 30 day commitment in regards to transformation and a positive presence.  The goal is to get a good enough outreach that I will work to get some sponsors that we can provide some contest prizes to the winners.  I would also like to be able to provide the participants who complete the 30 consecutive days a finish line prize!

Finish 2017 on a strong note, and your 2018 will be ROCKING!

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