The Table Top Theory

Many people may have heard this before, but it is such a true statement in regards to how your beliefs and commitments will be only as strong as the individual thoughts, experiences, and pre-existing beliefs support it.  I am still asked from time-to-time, “how’s that Vegaleo thing?” or “you still doing that Vegaleo thing?”  This is totally fine, I do not take any negative reaction to the statements, it is truly human nature.  How can it not be when you have a society that listens to the advice of our food industry, saying one day that this food is the fight against “this or that” and the next day, that same food causes “this or that”.  It is easy to figure out that since our food manufacturing system has completely manipulated food and created “food-like” products, that it is virtually impossible to say that something is good for you or not.  Amazing how sitting in the shadows is ACTUAL FOOD that is grown from our soil and non-manipulated that is just sitting there quietly saying, “I’m good for you in my natural state!”

So, this brings me back to the topic, the belief system.  You have to imagine that once you have created a thought pattern that you feel strong about, you have begun the implementation of a new belief system.  Picture this belief as a table top, and now that you have this new belief system, depending on the strength of that belief, only 1 leg for a so-so belief to many legs supporting that table for a stronger conviction.  This “table” could easily top over if it doesn’t have many legs and you are faced with, “you still into “this”?”  or “How’s that thingy going?” Our peers can sometimes be our greatest supporters, but without knowing they can also deter us from our objectives in life.  But each time you are faced with a success, or a “new leg” to support that table, it becomes more stable and harder to tip over.  So as with any new endeavor in life, you must be careful in the early phases of any new adventure, since that table you are resting your belief on is pretty wobbly and can easily tip over if faced with adversity.    Anything new you engage in, if it’s important enough to you to focus your efforts, then early on it is critical to gain as much understanding and support to help stabilize that table and help create a lasting and strong belief system!

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