It’s Been 60 Days…..

60 daysSome ways it feels like it’s been so much longer, and some ways not.  60 days ago, I formulated the plan for incorporating what I have self termed: “Vegaleo” which was a few years of trial and error of being Vegan, being Paleo, and also discovering through research, what stimulus deters our aging systems and what advances them.  This was not just about diet, but also included activity, and finding our “inner strength and peace” to be a complete and confident person that wakes up each day with gratitude, and also the determination to accomplish the tasks set forth.  For me, I had lost a lot of ground being the father I was supposed to be, so that was my priority each day, to give gratitude for my family and be the best father figure I was capable of.

No doubt, the 21 Day Reinvent is the most focused on the process, short enough that the exciting thoughts of “what could be” and the fat melting away at a rapid pace, is enough to keep you motivated and moving forward.  After day 30, it definitely slowed down, and a week or so past that, I really wanted to be able to enjoy a glass of wine like a responsible adult.  I soon realized that the struggle I had to overcome early in the 21 Reinvent, was rearing it’s ugly head again.  Over a week or so, I did have to battle demons, which initiated with a few drinks, and resulted in eating some foods I definitely had not planned on, but with my inner strength down, I participated in processed foods on more days than one.  Fortunately, it was to no level I experienced in the early days, both food and alcohol, but it was enough that it sent out a warning signal of how I could destroy all the work I had put in.  Within a few days, I was back on track and feeling strong again.  Moral of that story: we are human, we have weaknesses, and we sometimes we lose sight of our objectives.  But this is where the separation occurs of those keep going and those who give up.

Here we are, 60 days, I would always say I could look better, but it really sheds light on how much excess fat I had on my body, and how it doesn’t just dissolve in a day.  I have had to drill holes in my belts so I can still wear them, so I guess I can say that I have accomplished a lot!

Every day we must reinvent ourselves.  Everyday I wake up, I have talk with myself how wonderful Vegaleo makes me feel, and why it is so important this day, to respect my body enough to feed it all the wonderful foods that enrich and nourish it, to keep it healthy!


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