Day 55 of Vegaleo: Weight Training for Back and Biceps

I was telling my son this morning on the way to take him to school how I was so into my workout last night, and my first exercise, the T-Bar rows, were making me feel like I was 20 again, and sure enough, on my last set, Not so much.  Putting that weight down onto the floor, I could tell I shifted my body positioning while still having the weight off the ground, and “shreeeek” I could feel something right down my spine.  Not as bad as that sound, there was no audible sound, but I could just feel some tightness occur.  Again, I am not 20 anymore, and as much as I feel so young when I lift with weights, I have to remember my body is not 20 anymore!  Either way, it wasn’t that bad that I couldn’t go on, I just made sure any exercise I completed in a bent over position, I had stabilized my back first.  It was my first back workout since beginning back on the weights a week ago, so this first week is a “get the body ready” week.  Looking forward to week 2!

download the workout here: Untitled_10132017_103727

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