Re-introduction: Weight Training

Looking back, hard to believe that it really has been about 2 years since engaging in an on-going weight training program.  For the first time in my life, even though I was involved in my college teaching and we had a weight training class, I just lost the steam.  I didn’t want to weight train, and every time I did for about 6-8 months, I just didn’t like it.  I know there were some issues going on, but that was always my therapy!  After finishing up the spring semester of 2015, I decided to shelf it.  Wasn’t going to engage in weight training unless the desire was there.  Not going to fib, there were many times I thought I had the spark, but after a couple sessions, it was gone.  Luckily those moments of inspiration, and some occasional runs or cardio sessions kept me away from a complete disaster.

In August, I made that commitment to stop the scale at that 230lb mark, and would take everything I know, and apply to my life as this “reinvention” and so far, so good!  I love the vegaleo life!  I figured now that I still have that drive (even at 46!), I really want to get back into weight training.  It was my life growing up, and I really do love every aspect of it.  I really view the process of changing the body as an art.  Being able to build, sculpt, trim and just change the outcome is very rewarding to me.

Thursday was my first day, did chest and abs, and yesterday, could barely move my arms.  This made for a very difficult time this morning training legs having to reach back and grab the bar for squats.  Luckily it subsided, and had a great leg day!

Here is the Untitled_10072017_102409 from this morning if you are looking for weight training programs.  Love for their programs.  Just gives me something to follow along with.

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