Why Weight Loss is a Psychological Nightmare!

Anyone who has experienced losing weight, intentionally, knows how rewarding it can be when you those pants that haven’t fit for years, finally award you the opportunity to wear them, just before fashion changes its tune.  So if all these clothes that didn’t fit before, now all of a sudden, do fit, why is that so bad?

Boils down to that person you are looking at in the mirror.  You know the clothes that suddenly fit wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t lose weight!  So why is that person in the mirror you are staring out, seem to look “less appealing?”  subcutaneous-versus-visceral-fat-192x300This is the difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.  Subcutaneous fat is that fat that is just beneath the skin, the kind when you feel overweight, you pinch to see how much you can grab.  Not the true tail of body fat content, but a good indicator.  Then you have visceral fat, this is why is underneath the abdominal wall and lines our internal organs.  The kind that is MOST dangerous to our overall health!  So why is it that we lose weight but now we look more “flabby”?

One of the visual mysteries in life is that when someone has a large amount of visceral fat, even though it presses our abdominal wall out and makes us look “beer belly” like, it also seems to keep our skin tighter, and not showing the effects of subcutaneous fat.  But when that day comes and we commit to losing that weight, what do you think happens?  Our body will first burn the visceral fat, making our stomach slightly smaller, allowing our clothes to fit better, but that stretched out stomach and tighter skin, now takes on a looser and “flabbier” look to it, making it look like we are in actually worse shape!

The fortunate thing is (actually quite a few), our skin has collagen, an elastic property, that will begin to re-tighten the skin back up.  Now the older we get, the harder it is to tighten that skin, so you have to be more careful the older you get about gaining excess weight, because the skin will stretch most definitely, but returning to the original shape it may not!  But this psychological roller coaster is all part of it, so you have to just stick to your plan, and most importantly, get rid of that fat that lines the internal organs, that is cardiovascular disease waiting to happen!  It will look better, just keep at it!

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