Maybe Mine is Just Bigger…

Having been living and eating the Vegaleo life over the last 40 days, a common question to me is “why?”  meaning, why are you so strict on what you eat versus what you don’t eat?  There are several factors at play, no doubt being the most important one to me, is that this is the least I can do for my child with special needs.  erikmeHe has no voice (yet) in this world, and until the day I am assured he will be ok with out me as his voice, I will respect my body enough to ensure that I am by his side for as long as I am able to do so.

Now this is my why, and it has nothing to do with anyone else, so it is obvious that my reason for living the Vegaleo life will have no impact or motivation for someone else to do the same.  But maybe you have a “why” that’s as big as mine, than I welcome and will support you as much as you need.  Maybe your why is because you owe it to yourself to treat your body with respect, and not to create a unhealthy and toxic body that will ultimately lead to chronic illness and enormous medical care.

But what is the “BIG” picture of Vegaleo?  It is taking a stand against the big food companies and industries who are guiding our society down a path of obesity and illnesses, telling society what to eat, what is healthy, what is not, and all these products, are manufactured to create a life long customer and provide little to no healthy benefits.  It shouldn’t take a genius to realize that the foods that provide nourishment and wellness for the body, do not have nor need a spokesman.  These foods don’t come from a plant, they are the plant!

If you have struggled with weight control, you can join any weight loss club, you can buy all the weight loss pre packaged foods, all the weight loss shakes, you can take all the pills you want, but none of these address the reason why you struggle with your weight:  it simply is the quality of the food, not the quantity.  Until us as humans understand that a processed food, whether it be low in calories, low in sugar, low in fat, whatever, the processing of that food to prepackage it creates a response in the body that coverts this food to sugar almost as quickly as table sugar, and when this happens, your body will crave more..period.  This my friend, is Vegaleo.  It is the reconnection back to nature in all its forms, to treat the body the way it was designed to be treated.  To not take part in the over processing of food, the over abundance of the consumption of meat, but learning to enjoy the flavors of the earth in its raw and natural form!

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