I will not ever take a stance of knowing everything or saying my way is the only way, but I will confidently state that with each day I live my Vegaleo lifestyle, it becomes so much clearer that the daily activities I am engaging in, are simply the routine of my DNA makeup, which is why everything just feels so right! Yes, I am VEGALEO AF!  vaf (2)This reason is why questioned some of the practices of the ever popular “paleo” which in theory and practice, the foods you eat on this plan are TRULY the foods our bodies are designed to eat, and have eaten for hundreds of thousands of years.  For just in the last 100 years, which is still less than .1% of the time our existence has been on this earth, to now all of a sudden begin consuming “food-like” products that are latent with artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, and on and on, our bodies have been subjected to nutritional shock!  So the introduction of paleo was a very strong and welcoming reception to help people understand how the human body was designed to eat, and if our goal is to remain healthy and not fall into the “over-medicated” trap of the pharmaceutical industry, than we had to focus on “health care” not “sick care”.  Just as stated by Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”    I am as convinced as the day is long, our food can cure the body and help it become stronger and healthier to ward off more and more diseases.   Through my in and out diet changes of trying to determine if paleo or vegan was better for my body and mind, out popped Vegaleo.  Once I journeyed down this path, fine tuning how I would have perceived the modern man to have eaten, it just became clear in my vision and most importantly, my body just responded tremendously. 40DAYS Fat just began to melt off, my psoriasis practically cleared up, and I felt a ton better!  Starting this around 230bls and this morning was 208, I couldn’t be happier!  From Vegaleo, these principles I have learned and applied have made it clearer to me that our bodies where designed for these factors:

  • Mostly vegetation and fruit for calories
  • We ate meat maybe and I mean maybe, once a day
  • Our bodies adapted to not have food which helped our body regenerate new cells, increase testosterone levels and increase cognitive functioning
  • Our body operates and is conditioned to work at a high intensity for short periods.
  • Our body can go long periods without food and still be energetic and responsive
  • Our body operates most efficiently utilizing fat as our long term energy source

All of this is covered more thoroughly in 21 Reinvent Guide, but I am living each day enjoying the increased energy, the decreased feelings of hunger and the decreased food bills.

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