My Daily Reminder

There are many quotes that describe this point when you have reached so low, that the only option is to begin to work your way up. img_0532.pngI would definitely have to say that a little over a month ago, it was probably as close to that point as I can remember.   Everything seemed to be snowballing off the previous, and I was headed down a not-so encouraging path.  This photo below was my final notification that I had hit one of my lowest points.  A photo I am embarrassed to share, however, it is part of me and my journey, and until I face and admit to truly who I am and where I’ve been, I will not be able to fully commit to who I wish to be.


Nightly, a few drinks would just lower the self control and before I would hit the bed for my intoxicated sleep, I would find myself face deep in plates of nachos, or sweet tooth towards cupcakes or a salty path of pretzel bites.  didn’t seem to matter, I just felt like every night I had to consume something salty or sweet before retiring for the night.

In early August, I sat down, and opened back up a book I had started writing after going from vegan to what I now call “Vegaleo” and spent each night reading it, and reminding myself that I have everything inside me to be the person I want to be, and not be the victim of the challenges of life.  This spark of inspiration, prompted me to open up a second book I began writing a couple years back, “5 Steps To Manifestation” which I took myself through a mind clearing and mind setting program that I unfortunately never completed as well.  Now that I had this spark of inspiration, I knew it was time to revisit my earlier stages of life, and complete what I had started.

At this point, it became clear that these 2 topics were really intertwined, and for 1 to be successful, you needed to have the other.  Meaning, if I wanted to change my life for the better, before working on my diet and exercise program, I had to first work on my mental program.  And this is what I did, using what I had written, and began mapping out my plan, and using meditation to help provide guidance in the direction that I felt my soul wanted me to go.

Fortunately for me, soon after I started, we were able to take our annual trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which allowed me 7 days of peace and calm to sit

IMG_0574by the water and listen to the energy that I was receiving.  Upon returning, I had so much determination, and now having the plan in place, to make the changes I was so desired to make.


By no means has it been effortless.  My demons haunt me every single day, but each


day that I am victorious, my will and conviction become stronger.  I wish I could say that my record has been spotless since beginning, unfortunately I have witnessed the dark side a couple times, but the previous victories allowed me to start the next day even more determined, rather than self defeating.

Each day I practice the rules of Vegaleo, I try to incorporate 1 of the 3 phases of 21 shred, and I practice my mental exercises that I began over a month ago.  I focus on not worrying about tomorrow, my control is the here and now.  I am focused on the gift of the present, and if I can continue this mindset, it make me stronger each day!


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