Becoming “Vegalean” 21 Days Later

Haven’t written an update in a bit, really trying to get the website in place to help others like me, middle age, maybe a parent, a spouse, who struggles with the balance of life and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.  It’s not easy, and with each year, the struggle just becomes that much harder as our body’s continue to change.  Trust me, I am ok with the changing part, I am not in it to impress anyone, I ventured down this road for the mere fact I was struggling daily with my mental focus, which contributed to a deteriorated health status, and an increase in alcohol consumption.  End result was I was struggling through the day trying to keep my head above water and maintain my role as a loving father and provider.  So my quest began; I knew all that I needed to know to transform my body and mind into the person I know I was, it was just that I guess I needed to hit that bottom before begin my ascend upwards.  On August 15th, I began that ascend up the difficult path.  I will be the first to say, that this was not a path of making a small change here, and changing this little thing there, this was a MASSIVE ACTION plan to test my mental will to see how bad I wanted to be the person I thought about everyday, but was too weak to follow through.

My weight was 227lbs, but hit 230lb’s just a few days prior to this.  My action plan for the 21 days was a 3 Phase process:  Changing my mindset with daily meditation,21daysweight implementing my 21 Shred, which was 21 exercises (yoga, then to yoga with dumbbells, then all High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT) which took 21 minutes, 6 days a week.  Yes, I had a few days I was nursing a shoulder pain from trying to move a sign at work, so I was not successful in my full workout plan, but the 3rd phase was Vegaleo, which consisted of detox, then Vegaleo meal plan, and intermittent fasting.  This was the success ingredient that contributed to the massive weight loss.  As I explain in my book, my views of Vegaleo is that this style of eating is imprinted into our DNA, and after several days of completion, it becomes true to form and you kind of go on auto pilot.  Where I struggled the most, was the elimination of alcohol.  I was successful, but each day was a fight.  Anyone who has read my posts, or read my book, knows that my whole approach with this is to be as real as it can be.  One of the struggles I have with self help books and fitness guru’s, is that these authors I am not able to relate too.  When being an author or a fitness guru is your sole focus, I expect you to have your act together.  But how about the Dad’s out there who have to work full time, and have children, and a child with special needs who requires 24/7 parental accompaniment, then how do you stay healthy and active?  This is why I wanted to write my book, and why I wanted to prove to myself I could do this.  “Reinvention” is not a press a button and go reality.  It is a wake up each day, and choose to either fight the fight, or let society conform you to the masses.  21 Reinvent was just as much about “disconnect” as it was “reinvent”.  I knew the only way to reinvent, was I had to disconnect from the masses and focus solely on my purpose.  And what purpose is that?  I must be as healthy of a father I can be so that I am there for my son with special needs as long as I am humanly able to.  That was my thought upon awakening each day.  The reason I decided each day that I could find the time to meditate, the time to exercise, and the dedication to eat the way the human body was designed to eat.

Well, 21 days later, 21dayspicand I can say IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!  I am still carrying some excess weight, but things that the scale does not provide, is my psoriasis is almost completely gone!  I haven’t had a drink in over 21 days!  I have not eaten any sugar, anything processed or artificial, and the best part is, I DON’T EVEN CRAVE IT!

So the same as Day 1, today I will fight for my health, this is all I can do.  I will not worry about tomorrow, I will only focus on the present.  Good day, and good health!  Please visit my site at 

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