What I’ve Learned Thus Far

Tomorrow will be the second complete week since beginning my 21 Reinvent, which is broken down into 3 phases:

  1. Mental focus:  Taking the time each day to be alone with your thoughts, thinking of what you are grateful in your life.  Also, spending the time to try and clear the mind, taking the heart rate down, putting yourself in a state of complete relaxation, and allowing the Universe to talk to you.  This is by far the most difficult, since we have been conditioned or taught about prayer, which is the asking.  The listening is where the benefit is found.  Allowing our souls to speak to us.
  2. 21 Shred:  This 21 day program builds upon first creating stabilization and core strength, and adding a higher intensity to engage more muscles, increased cardiovascular response, and overall body conditioning.  This program is broken down into 3 components as well:
    1. Core Yoga:  Specific yoga poses that engage maximum muscle effort to increase stabilization, flexibility, and core muscle strength
    2. Yoga HIIT:  Adding some high intensity interval training into the yoga poses to increase the difficulty and enhance your cardiovascular response.
    3. HIIT:  The last week is pure high intensity interval training for muscle strength, heart strength, and mental strength to endure.
  3. Veg-aleo:  I am convinced, this is how the human body was designed to eat.  After a 3-4 day detox, it is like hitting an auto-pilot button that completely eliminates hunger pains, blood sugar spikes and drops, and just keeps you feeling at a set level all day long.  So hard to describe in words, it really does have to be experienced.  Getting all the toxins and chemicals out of the body is imperative prior to reaching this feeling.  The 3 phases of Veg-aleo are as follows:
    1. Fruit and vegetable detox
    2. Lean meat and fish only once a day
    3. Intermittent Fasting

Tomorrow will be my 2 week weigh in, which I am totally excited for.  I cannot believe how awesome I feel, having not had anything processed, nothing with sugar added, or any alcohol for 2 weeks now.  But I as I explained in great detail in the book, and why I decided to take these 3 phases and take massive action over the 21 days, is that every day you wake up, you are fighting to reinvent yourself.  The past is history, you have new demons today that are trying to take you off your healthy journey.  You have these money hungry food giants that have 1 purpose in mind:  To get you addicted to their food.  So they pay their scientists to manipulate the food, adjusting the sugar, the fat, and the salt, until it becomes a low grade addiction and you are a life long customer.  Doesn’t matter how healthy it is, they just want a repeat customer.   In combination, you have the meat industry telling you that you should be eating meat 3 meals a day!  You have the dietary regulators telling you that you need to eat a healthy breakfast of sugar, dairy, and meat.  You have the alcohol industry trying to get you to like their product, the tobacco industry the same, you have social media that wants to stress you out so you turn to these products for comfort.  And waiting with their prescription pads and their deposit slips to the bank, is your pharmaceutical industry who profits from you doing all the above, since all the above just make you sick and feel that health is found in a pill.  This my friend, is utterly, and fucking disgusting.

There is no greater pride I have, than being able to disconnect from the revolving vicious cycle that’s occurring in our society right now, and anyone who feels that this path is not the right way, than get on board, we have a big fight ahead of us, and I am going to take this head on!

Who’s with me?  visit me at www.whatsyour21.com

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