You Thought This Was About Fitness?

I guess I can see you point, since 21 days of exercising is at the core of this process.  But this assumption would be incorrect, however, fitness is a vehicle to reach the goal that I have placed on myself.  Coming up with 21 Shred was to help build mental and physical strength by facing that dark side in your life: for me, that was alcohol.  It had become a dependency in my life to help cope with anxiety and the stresses of my life.  I have always looked at myself as a strong and determined person, so the idea that something is controlling me is an unacceptable thought, but it took me many years to accept that.  21 Shred is about facing those demons in your life.  It can be something as strong as alcohol, or maybe you have an addiction to sugar, or you just don’t have the motivation to get up and exercise.  Whatever that is, this is about facing it and conquering it.

21 Days to form a habit, so once you establish “whats your 21?” it is time to face it head on and prove to yourself and to that demon, that you will not be controlled by that force.  You are the one in control, and it is up to you to conquer it.  As I am conquering mine, I welcome all that are looking for someone going through the same experience and can be that support system to get through this.

So why 21 days of exercise?  First, it’s good for the mind and body.  But secondly, I am well aware that there would be soreness and fatigue, all the factors that would tell the mind to force the body to “rest and recuperate”  Not during this 21 day period.  This 21 day period is about being uncomfortable, it is about feeling like you want to give up.  I wanted to put everything in place that I could to create an environment that pushes me to the limit of wanting to quit.  And well my friend, I am just in the beginning, so my strength is yet to be determined.

So why Intermittent Fasting?  I will refer to the above section about being uncomfortable.  Going 16 hours of fasting can be a challenge, especially when you are not consuming any artificial foods or sugars.  Actually, as I state in my book, not consuming these makes it easier since you are eliminating blood sugar spikes and reducing hunger pains.  There is plenty of research now backing the benefits of intermittent fasting both mental and physical and to me, it just makes the most sense as to how our bodies were designed to eat in the first place.

Yes, this is a fitness challenge, but that is just a piece of this pie.  This is a mental challenge.  A test to show you that you are strong, and you can overcome the obstacles in your life that are holding you back, or leading you down a path that is undesirable.   And as your Shred Head Coach, I want to make sure you are successful!


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