Make Yourself Bulletproof 

Starting off on a good note, definitely the key to a productive day.  Like all dietary challenges, staying away from sugar is the diet killer.  That damn thing is just as addictive as drugs (not been there, but believe it would be).  Understanding some things about nutrition and human performance, fat is awesome energy source, and like carbohydrates, it can be broken down to glucose for sustained energy.  Unlike sugar(carbohydrates), it has many, many chains of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen so it takes longer for the body to create glucose from fat.  This is why I like to start my day with bulletproof coffee, which is a teaspoon of ghee and also coconut oil.  It seems to satisfy my desire for food and provides me a good energy source for my workout.

Monday Workout:

  • Started with a 2000 meter row
  • completed 3 sets of as many reps on TRX rows and inverted pushups with stands
  • completed 3 sets of TRX chest press into a superman for as many reps
  • Finished with 10 minutes of interval sprints on the treadmill.
    • 2:30 warm up light jog
    • :30 sprint at 7 mph
    • 1:30 light jog at 4.5 mph
    • :30 sprint at 8mph
    • 1:30 light jog
    • :30 sprint at 9mph
    • 1:30 light jog
    • :30 sprint at 9.5 mph
    • walk cool down

Fueled up and repair with 3 scrambled eggs with spinach, topped with guacamole and a few strawberry’s.  On with the day!

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