A Beginnings End

Hard to believe that 3 years ago, I weighed in at 185lbs, had practically a 6 pack and felt like I “had found the answer” to all my struggles with my weight.  Well, I’m back!  I have come to the realization, that you can never “find the answer” only find the path and then each day you must fight to stay on that path.  Habits and beliefs everyday will challenge you to revert back to your old ways, and it is a dog fight each day.  As I write this, I don’t know what will happen in tomorrow, nor the next hour, but I also have learned that we must nurture inspiration because it is not too often that it comes knocking on our door.

I think the result of this post is I am completely blown away at how much the last year and a half has been.  I am truly wondering if is my body telling me that at 45, my testosterone levels have dramatically dropped and the desire to exercise and stay in shape is going to be that much harder.  I have never remembered a time in my life where exercising was such a struggle.

Around the beginning of 2016, I remember falling into a slump, and I just thought that maybe I needed to take a brake, and let my body rest, maybe kind of a mental burnout.  A few months later, decided to pick it back up again; nope.  Maybe did a few workouts and lost all interest in continuing.  Waited a bit longer, try again.  Nope.  This pretty much has gone on the entire time.  Just watching my weight go from a pretty steady 200lbs to now hitting 230, and not too mention, probably about 5-10lbs less  of muscle!  Man, it has gotten pretty bad!


I took this picture a couple days ago after a workout.  I felt so good about the workout, then looked at this picture and it felt like I got punched in that “larger-than-before” gut of mine.  Yep, going to be 46 in a couple months, and just hit the scales at 230lbs.  I guess you can say this is my journey blog to a better me.  I know that there are many men out there like me, and my hopes is that through community support we can all work to be a man we are proud to see reflecting in that mirror.

Wishes of Health and Happiness!  Drop me a reply if anyone can relate!

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