Progression of Activities For Exercising

I was asked a question earlier today, so I am going to put on my degree and certification as a Corrective Exercise Specialist through the NASM to answer.  I was asked if it was good to do static stretching before working out to get the muscles “loosened” up.  For example, bending down to touch your toes to loosen the hamstrings and lower back.  The answer to this question, most cases, is “no.”  I will first answer why, then explain the proper progression of before and after workout. In attempt to simplify for anyone not too familiar with muscle anatomy and … Continue reading Progression of Activities For Exercising

Your Dreams Are A Thought Away

How true this really is, and if more people not only understood this, but accepted and embraced it, would begin living the life that they enjoy and are excited to wake up to.  Unfortunately, people say they have dreams and goals, but most of the thoughts that enter their head on a daily basis are like this: “I have to get up too early.” “I am always tired.” “I have too much to do.” “My job sucks.” “Why do I have so many bills to pay.” “I never do anything fun.” “Why am I so overweight?” “Why is my spouse/partner … Continue reading Your Dreams Are A Thought Away

Setting the Vibe

Over the last year, I have attempted to incorporate this routine first thing in the morning, which I have found, really helps me get my mind into the correct state and help me be more productive and positive throughout the day.  I used to always wake up and watch the news, however, I simply can’t stand to turn on the news anymore!  I am so sick of all the negativity and bad energy that is occurring in this country.  I am not saying I don’t care or want to know about the current state of our country and world, unfortunately … Continue reading Setting the Vibe

Tackling Monday Like a Champ!

Started the day off with a great workout, and had some wonderful food that nourished my body and mind! A successful day! My post workout meal, with some Hemp seeds sprinkled on top of peanut butter and banana on Ezekiel toast. Lunch time smoothie, letting the ground up chia seeds soak in water Time to add some parsley banana and a carrot into my nutribullet Afternoon snack was some rolled oats, almond/coconut milk with vegan protein powder For dinner, after some carrots and hummus snack, had a bowl of my quinoa and rice with green beans and some wild caught … Continue reading Tackling Monday Like a Champ!

Eat’n Clean Saturday

Had some really fresh and organic foods yesterday that left me satisfied, leveled out the blood sugar so had energy all day and just felt great! Mid day snack was Ezekiel bread topped with vegan mayonnaise and spinach, sliced tomato (from my garden!) and avocado.  Washed it down with a ice coffee with coconut milk and some stivia For dinner, I took out my container of my vegan black bean burger and cooked in olive oil. Topped with mixed greens, hummus, and cucumber(from my garden too!) in between two pieces of toasted Ezekiel bread! Cold beer to wash that baby … Continue reading Eat’n Clean Saturday

At 45, It’s More About Functionality

As much as I look on social media and see these dudes all ripped up and shredded and want to look like that, I have learned my body well enough to know that keeping it strong and injury free has to take precedents in my exercise routine.  Today was lower body stability work after my 2000 meter row, finishing with 4 high intensity intervals on the treadmill.  Why functional training is so important, and especially to me, after a knee surgery in my teens, I have had continuous knee problems in my left knee, resulting in an atrophied left quadricep … Continue reading At 45, It’s More About Functionality