The GI Chart: The Holy Grail of Health

A brief passage from my book, “Reinvented After 40”

…Depending on how easy our body converts to glucose determines the body’s hormonal reaction. If we eat something that has a high sugar content such as candy, cookies, crackers, chips, bread ( I will provide a list later), our body immediately receives an overload of sugar in the blood and our body fights to regain homeostasis.  To do this, our pancreas releases a hormone called insulin, which goes after the excess sugar and converts it to fat to store for possible famine.  Unfortunately, in our society today, famine is almost non-existent in our country, so our bodies continue to store more and more fat.   Now, when we eat carbohydrates that have a much lower sugar content, referred to as complex carbohydrates (vegetables, most fruit, beans, legumes, sweet potatoes, to name a few), our body is not able to convert to sugar as quickly, so our body does not panic and send insulin out to convert and store as fat.  So as you can see from this example, we MUST focus on eating foods that do not quickly convert to sugar.  This has been documented as the Glycemic Index


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