Time To Reinvent Yourself

Hi, my name is Darren, author of Reinvented After 40.  I wrote this book after discovering how challenging it became closing in on that big 4-0 age in regards to overcoming the challenges of daily life with job, family, financial concerns, and still having that inner fire that knows we can still feel young and energized again.  These years are such an interesting paradox in that by this age you have gained so much wisdom and there is a sense of confidence with that, yet those feelings of that inner drive for the hunt, the kill, the conquer, have seemed to diminished.  Falling into the path of complacency has overtaken the desire to fulfill that inner drive.  That complacency has led to a lower drive to take care of our bodies, both inside and out.  If you have a partner, you have probably noticed a substantial reduction in intimacy, set off from our lowered levels of testosterone.  We have increased the amount of body fat, lowering our self confidence in the bedroom and in public places.  Our energy levels have decreased, the motivation for taking care of ourselves has become one of our lowest priorities.  After spending many years personally, in a dark place, I think i found out how low I could be.  Sometimes, I realized, that is what is required when you want to move up, and that was the spark I needed.  It was a rocket ship to the top by any means, everyday a battle to fight the demons, however, each day, like a muscle, you become stronger in your choices.  That inner voice telling you it is time to reinvent yourself and become a new you.  Step by step, change by change, day by day, things began to change.  I began to feel better about myself, becoming stronger each day in my decisions to move me in the path I believed was the correct one.  Turning 40 is hard enough, and I wanted to share my experience with other men who know they still have that inner drive to achieve something great, but may need a little push or direction.  Maybe my story and my path can provide some insight.

My practical guide, “Reinvented After 40” puts the steps I utilized to transform my mind first, and then my body, to achieve the most shredded physique I have ever displayed.  Even though I was into lifting as a teen and beyond, I had never looked this good!  My eBook, takes you through 6 step by step chapters to show you how I transformed my mind and became “the hunter” one more time.  I lay out by Chapter:

  1. Introduction:  My life is definitely story worthy, and I would hope that I can offer encouragement that if I can find the mental strength and the time, so can you.
  2. The Peak of Paradox:  Hitting that 40 peak, is kind of like that mountain, in many regards you are or can be at the top of your game since you now have 40 years of experience, however, in many aspects of your life it seems many things are going “down hill”
  3. Back To Basics:  I lay out how implemented a very primitive and simplistic view of my nutritional needs.  This “mindset” was the catapult of my reinvention.
  4. The Hunt Out of the Hunter:  No doubt, in our 20’s and 30’s we have have “hunter” mentality.  We basically use our strength in all aspects to find our mate and “do the deed” as often as humanly possible.  Around 40, finding time once a week almost seems like a miracle.  Of course this is going to take the hunt out of the hunter.
  5. Maximum Effort:  Exercise training in the most simplest form, however, it doesn’t matter how many you do, it’s all about “maximum effort”.
  6. Fin:  Just my thoughts as I wrapped it all together, how you begin, how you keep going, How I want to help in any manner possible.

Hope I can help you!

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